Welcome to Cameron Solutions – We’re a full service IT firm specializing in everything from business deployments and helpdesk, to home user Apple/PC support, web design, server hosting, custom training, smart homes and more! Through a deeper understanding of you and your goals, we offer holistic solutions to todays IT problems – and we cost a lot less than the other guys! To get started right away, use our billing system to purchase an initial support session. If you’re looking for long-term support please check out our annual support packages for everything you need to keep your computer running smooth and doing it safely!

  • Cameron Solutions provides better support, at better rates.

Why Choose Cameron Solutions?

Simple Pricing

Easy to understand pricing with no hidden or undisclosed fees. We won't bill until you're fully aware of everything on your invoice.

Friendly Support

Bad customer service sucks, and its bad for everyone involved! CS gives you fast, friendly support when you need it!

Future Planning

We'll not only correct the IT problems you have now, we'll make you aware of - and prepare you for future concerns and upgrades - so you can rest easy.

In-House Everything

We're a full service IT provider; you don't need 5 different companies anymore.

Personalized Training

We teach each of our users the basics they need to stay safe, and keep moving forward in the internet age.

Happy Users

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